I was first introduced to essential oils when I attended a class I was invited over to Facebook. Learning about the oils opened me to new possibilities, and I realized that I could easily use the oils in my everyday life. I was happy to have come across a holistic method of using products to benefit my health. For the next year, my family and I enjoyed the many advantages that came from using doTERRA products.

It wasn’t until my upline invited me to an event in Ohio that I decided to build a doTERRA business. Events are game changers, that first event in Ohio made everything real. I saw the owners of the company speaking on stage, and I met people from all over, and that made it tangible for me. I also thought, If these people can do this, then so can I.

My ‘so can I’ mentality drove me to pursue a business with belief in myself and in my potential. As I saw the wonderful results of my motives and dedication, I turned to my team to make sure that they knew that they too had the opportunity to make it big. My belief and encouragement in my team have been positive influencers, creating a team that works as a community and supports and helps one another. Together, we are making a lasting impact on those they share with.

I feel that one of the best things that Wellness Advocates can do is to share the oils with everyone. I feel it is a disservice to not share the oils with people. There are people who need these products. I’m not selling, I’m simply presenting the products to them to help them. I want people to know they have options in affordable, holistic products and that doTERRA essential oils can play a key role in their health and wellness. I’m motivated to see people put their health back into their own hands.?

“It doesn’t matter where you come from; what education you have or don’t have; whether you’re old or young, male or female, or what you look like; we all have the same opportunity to make it big.”

Since starting with doTERRA, Jane has seen the oils influence many in her life, especially her own. She is now using her natural-born abilities of leadership to lead individuals to health and wellness, and loves being able to help provide for her family while doing something that she is passionate about. She says, “doTERRA doesn’t really feel like work to me. It’s fun, and I don’t feel it cuts into family time because I get to choose how much or how little I do. I love the freedom that I have with doTERRA.”