Intro-Juicing : The Health Benefits of Fresh Juice


Juicing can be a controversial topic, and although we don’t believe in doing 60 day juice cleanses like crazy, we do believe juicing has many health benefits. Above all, juicing is a fantastic way to get fast nutrition, and if done correctly it can have amazing health benefits, helping you reach your ultimate health goals!

Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Our goal here is to promote a healthy body. That means eating on time, putting fresh foods in our bodies that aren’t coated in sugars, salts and other preservatives. This also means letting go of society’s view of “healthy” and listening closely to our own bodies. Once you start listening to that internal voice it will become rapidly clear as to what your body needs.

Take your health journey one step at a time!

Taking baby steps can help you achieve your goals and also help to increase self confidence and self love!
If you’re looking for some oils to help you get your mind right, we’ve got you covered with our blog post about oils for Peace, Zen and Meditation.

Fresh green juice and beet juice.

Our challenge for those of you who are on a health journey is to incorporate at least one cold press juice into your diet on a weekly basis! Juicing is incredibly concentrated nutrition. It can aid in easier digestion, and absorbs easily into your body. 

When you juice, you remove the fibre from the fruits and vegetables. This helps to “pre-digest” the fruits and vegetables. Now we love our fibre, but when your body has to process the fibre from food, it extracts valuable nutrients that don’t get absorbed while your body is digesting.

juicing fresh green juice and beet juice.

Juicing allows for MAXIMUM absorption of the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes that our body so desperately craves. By eliminating the fibres, you are allowing your digestive system to rest, and the nutrients go straight into your cells and bloodstream and help balance your PH.

Now that we know what juicing does for our bodies, how do we pick a juicer that doesn’t break the bank? Well we need to familiarize ourselves with the different options. 

There are 2 main types of Juicers

Centrifugal Juicers have a blade or little teeth that spin rapidly, and grind up your produce. These juicers are great but their only downfall is they waste 35% of the nutrients before it even enters your glass. This is due to the heat that the blades create when mixing the juice. The heat allows the produce to oxidize. Oxidation burns away some nutrients and minerals and also decreases shelf life. With this Juicer you will get the most amount of juice but a lesser amount of nutrients. For beginners this is one of the best options for juicing, as long as your drinking the juices within 24 hours.

Centrifugal Juicer

Here are some centrifugal juicers that won’t break the bank!

Masticating Juicers, also known as a cold press, mimic “chewing” the produce. It presses the maximum juice out of the pulp. This juicer provides little oxidization, meaning that the maximum amount of nutrients will be found in your cup! The cons for this juicer are they tend to be a bit on the pricier side ($200 +) and they are slower juicers, making juice may take about 20 mins.

Masticating Juicer

Links to affordable Masticating Juicers!

You can juice virtually anything, and reap the benefits instantly. You can mix and match your favorite fruits and vegetables to see what tickles your fancy. When you buy or make your own juices they should have a shelf life of 48 hours (depending on the produce.) 

Here’s why we love juicing: 

  1. We can create our own Juices fitted to the needs of our body and taste buds. 
  2. We are able to get the recommended amount of fresh produce in our bodies! (6-10 servings daily In Canada)
  3. Juicing may give you a phytonutrient boost. (Phytonutrients are compounds that provide our bodies with antioxidants, and act as anti-inflammatories. 
  4. It’s quick and easy! If you’re late for work and are about to miss breakfast, grabbing a juice on your way out is a much healthier option than stopping by a Tim Hortons or McDonalds. 

We would like to caution you again, juicing is not a replacement to eating, and it should be treated like a supplement. Juicing lacks the proteins and fibre that your body needs in order to promote correct muscle function. 

Juicing is a high impact way to provide your body with the needed amount of vitamins and minerals from produce. Remember You are accountable to yourself and no one else. We need to own the responsibility of our health!


The first step to achieving your goals is practising self love. If you are constantly upset with yourself, and allowing yourself to feel low vibration energies like guilt, fear, jealousy and anger, you will only hurt yourself. Substitute these feelings, every time you start to feel anxious or angry take a minute to breathe. Increase your internal awareness and speak a positive affirmation to yourself! We promise you will reach your goals, remember slow and steady wins the race. Our second challenge for you is to BE KIND, to your mind and your body. Self love is one of the most valuable things we have in this lifetime. The only home you have is yourself. Decorate it with love. 

Please check out our Instagram page for amazing juicing recipes (we post them at least once a month) and if you have recipes you would like to share please comment down below! If there are other topics you would like us to cover, please let us know below as we love hearing your ideas, and suggestions! Happy Juicing!


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