Pets and Oils Event 2018 Highlights

pets and essential oils event

This event was very special because the speaker is actually one of our own team members! Canada’s Oily Vet, Kelly Mark has been a Vet for 15 years, and she now educates people in the safe & effective use of Essential Oils for pets & their peeps. Kelly shared a lot of great information, covering basic pet care all the way to severe health concerns and situations. She also did a great job of answering personal questions, which I know my team really appreciated!

Jane introducing Kelly Mark

We also had many vendors with knowledge and products to share surrounding essential oils and holistic health. As you know this event was all about pets and oils, so naturally we had some very cute pet related vendors joining us on this awesome day! Take a look at the gallery below to catch the highlights of our Pets and Oils Event 2018.

Healthy pet treats

When you become a part of my Doterra team, whether you are a customer or a wellness advocate, you gain access to the fun and informative events I put on privately so you can get the most out of your essential oils!

Thank you to our beautiful speaker Kelly Mark and our lovely vendors! All of their info will be listed below.

Canada’s Oily Vet, Kelly Mark –

Biosphere Inc, Viera Povazan –

Thirty-One –

Doggie Diner –

Mars Fund –

Photography by Helen Pattison –

Animal Chiropractic Services, Dr. Annette Langlois –

Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass Juice –

Sweet Greens Organic Juice Bar & Cafe –