Leader Profile: Kelly Mark, “Canada’s Oily Vet”

Kelly Mark Oily Vet

Kelly Mark is “Canada’s Oily Vet”. A Veterinarian for 15 years, she now educates people in the safe and effective use of essential oils for pets and their peeps.

We recently caught up with Dr. Mark to learn more about how doTerra has made an impact in her life.

1. How did you get started on the path to a holistic lifestyle and mindset?

My own need and experiences with the conventional medical system left me searching for answers. I think I have always believed “that the magic is in the plants”.

Nutrition and health are subjects that have been an interest of mine since high school. Maybe because they eluded me, maybe because it was something I desired but didn’t know how to get there.

I think I have always been trying to “solve” or “crack the nut” known as health. What’s the truth? Who do you believe? And to me, it holds the answers to a lot of what ails us, especially what we are seeing currently in the state of health in North America.

2. What are some misconceptions people have about holistic remedies?

That they aren’t as effective as “man-made” or conventional remedies. That we can abuse our bodies and get away with it and then get the “magic pill” to “fix it”, instead of dealing with the cause and treating ourselves as a “whole” being.

All aspects- mental, emotional, spiritual and physical have effects that are played out in the state of our physical being. Ignoring any of these aspects is a “cover up” or “band aid” with a festering wound underneath it. The effects are seen in our physical bodies.

I understand wanting the shortcut or “elusive magic bullet”, but it doesn’t exist. You have to deal with all areas of your health to be truly healthy. There is a prevalent “reductionist theory” that has been the model for both nutrition and health for the last century.

But neither we as beings, nor plants are nutrition occur as singular entities- the magic is in the natural symphony of elements or the totality of our being.

3. When and why did you first start using essential oils?

I actually started researching essential oils for my garden!! I grow vegetables and was looking for natural pest deterrents, and found out I could use oils! That lead me on the search for the right oil products and company.

After questioning some on-line doctors that I follow, all the evidence came back as doTERRA. From there, I started using them for myself. I had a car accident that caused neck issues and neuropathies in my arms. doTERRA products are a big part of my natural pain management protocol.

What happened after that was literally a gift from God. People started asking me about using Essential Oils for their pets, and that opened up a whole new world of exciting and fulfilling uses for the oils.

That I could use my extensive education and training to help animals and their owners in this capacity!!

I can’t tell you how thrilled and what a gift that has been to me!

4. What inspired you to start a business as part of the doTerra team?

I believe in the potential of the Network Marketing Model. Although not always easy, I truly believe it is the opportunity for anyone who takes it and runs with it, to totally change their lives!! I believe that life can be more than it often is for many of us, but we have to become, through self-development, the leaders that we aspire to be!!

It ain’t easy, but it is the life of my dreams!! A life of purpose, serving others, helping others and getting the fulfillment of seeing the results in people’s lives. DoTERRA embodies literally, all of these principles.

They live it out through their amazing products, their mission statement, their ethics and their culture! They are amazing!!

Plus, there is no market like the essential oil market right now! I saw the potential, I knew I was backing a winner that I could believe in and trust, and I would get to help others with their health using natural, plant-based products that work- that is the “whole package” to me!:)

5. What have you learned about running a business?

I have learned that it is I who needs to grow, in order for my business to grow. I want to be so much more and do so much more, so I have to become that person, that leader. It is really stretching, but at my core – I want to be that person.

6. Other than the products, what do you love about doTerra?

OMGosh!! EVERYTHING!!!! They are the embodiment of ethical, purposeful, meaningful living. They do not compromise on quality, on what is right, pure and sustainable.

They share my beliefs that for something to be good, it has to be good for everybody. This extends to the sustainable co-impact sourcing, which is responsible and respectable to the earth and the ecosystems, and the farmers who grow and harvest the plants for the oils.

Then it extends to us as users of the final product. I want to represent a company that truly means what they say, that are interested in the bigger good of everyone involved, and who are uncompromising in principle and purpose!

7. What is your favorite doTerra product?

I don?t think I can pick one favorite!! Honestly, they are my “front line defense” for practically everything these days, whether Past Tense for my neck pain, or On Guard, Oregano and Tea Treeto improve my immune system and ward off “seasonal cooties” Lol! Clarycalm to smooth out the hormones, or Serenity to assist with sleep, they are all too important to pick one!!

8 What is your favorite recommendation to share with friends and family?

Depends what ails them, but one combo I have seen amazing results with, is for kids who significantly struggle with attention and learning/behaviour issues.

The combination of Serenity, Balance, and Vetiver, diluted in a roller bottle has been literally miraculous!!

9. What’s one essential oil that you can’t live without?

For me, likely Past Tense, as I use it to manage my neck pain and associated tension headaches post my car accident. I use this one A LOT!! Although, personality-wise, some might suggest that the Clarycalm is more important!

10. What would you like everyone to know about doTerra?

I could not be more thrilled to represent doTERRA!! I have complete trust and confidence in the integrity of the company and the absolutely superior quality of their Essential Oils. I would NOT use any other product.

I am so confident in fact, that I now educate people to safely and effectively use doTERRA Essential Oils to benefit their pets!! I have witnessed such great results in the pets and would not use or recommend any other product!!

This is critical for safety in the pets. I would not put my professional credentials on the line if I were not confident in the therapeutic value and safety of the doTERRA oils.

The results in the animals has been amazing!!

If people would like to learn more about safe and effective use of essential oils for their pets, then can find me at Facebook.com/canadasoilyvet.