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Oral Health Essentials: White Teeth Chemical FREE!

Our goal for this month was to stay away from unnecessary chemicals. Realizing there are [...]

How to Integrate Essential Oils into your Sun Care Routine!

Keep your skin looking bright and healthy this summer with a few essentials doTERRA products [...]

Essential Oils for Managing Menstruation

Unfortunately there is no magic pill or oil that will completely wipe out all symptoms

Oral Health & Essential Oils

Oral health is often overlooked when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, however our

Did you know that Essential Oils are Amazing for your Gums and Teeth?

We all grew up being told about what must be done for our health. Indeed,

Natural Remedies for Beaver Fever

Natural Remedies for Beaver Fever Giardiasis or “beaver fever” as it’s generally known as, is

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