Resources for Growing or Starting Your Doterra Business

Essential Oil Resources

Whether you are new to Essential Oils and the Dōterra Business, or you have been a loyal customer or wellness advocate for sometime, education is key!

The more you know about the oils, the better you will be able to use them, and share them in everyday life!

The better you can explain and show others how they can use them, and how they can benefit from being a part of the Dōterra business.

This blog post will provide you with some of my favorite places to go for Essential Oil Info, plus Business Building advice.

Let’s Get Into It!

1. The Dōterra Essential Oils YOUTUBE channel!

This channel has so many helpful videos, especially for people just starting out!

They cover everything from the science of Essential Oils, to how Dōterra sources their oils, all the way to how to lose weight, cook, clear up your skin, and grow personally with essential oils!

Definitely a great source of education.

Doterra Youtube
doTERRA Youtube

2. The Empowered Success Website

This is the one stop shop for all of your Dōterra Business advice and education!

With info on training, events, basics of the business, how to host a class, and how to rank up, this site is has all of your answers!

dōTERRA Website

3. Follow Other Wellness Advocates

Follow your friends in Dōterra as well as people you may not know, but look up to in the business. That way you can learn from them and implement new strategies into the way you build your business. It is also just great to see how others use the oils, what works for different people, and seeing other’s progress with the oils!

Here is a list of people I like to follow on Instagram for some inspiration!

  • @doterra – of course
  • @essentialmermaid – has a beautiful feed and is full of inspo!
  • @mywelloiledlife – Is a Dōterra Biz coach! You should be following her
  • @essentially_joilful – She posts great oil protocols!
  • @oilmagicbymichelle – is a mom with many oily solutions!
  • @oil_ohana – is another beautiful biz coach!

Remember, go out and find people that inspire you, and resonate with you!

The main take away from this post is that you should always be continuously learning!

Learning is ongoing, I don’t go a day without learning something new from my team or from one of our leaders in Dōterra or one of the owners.

I hope you found this helpful! Have an oily day 🙂